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We continuously strive to offer healthier nail care alternatives with longer lasting qualities to all our clients, free consultation is offered with no obligation. For this reason, we have adopted a nail friendly approach, such as nail wraps to remove your Gel Nails instead of soaking your hands in an acetone bowl or rigidly drilling/filing your nail bed. Instead, your natural nails are treated with great care and attention with a wide range of treatment choices enabling your healthy nail maintenance. Complimentary cuticle oil treatment is also offered at the end of the service as a finishing touch.

Enjoy this revolution of safe, long lasting manicures!

After filing, buffing & tidying your cuticles, we'll apply layers of hard wearing

& long lasting gel polish which can last up to 2-3 weeks.

Hand & Foot Treatments 

Gelish Hands

Gelish Hands & Toes

Soak Off (Free when Having New Gel Colour)

Manicure Inc Jessica Nail Polish 

Pedicure Inc Jessica Nail Polish 

Gelish with Above 







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